Let’s understand Coronavirus in the light of Sri Aurobindo

Microscopic view of a Coronavirus. (Photo: PTI)
Microscopic view of a Coronavirus. (Photo: PTI)

For Sri Aurobindo, behind every event that is happening in the world, there are forces at play. Some of these forces are dharmic, that is they tend towards the good of humanity; and others are asuric, destructive, striving to disrupt, to bring disharmony, to hurt even, and in general push for regression in human evolution.

This is nothing new. All great Scriptures, whether the Vedas, the Bible, or Buddha’s precepts, have said the same thing – the world is Maya (illusion); look behind appearances, search for Truth. Now if you take a glance at the Coronavirus epidemic in that light, it acquires a new dimension. On the medical angle, it is nothing compared to other deadly diseases, such as cancer, heart attacks, or AIDS. In India, for now, there are less than 0.0001% of the country infected. But just observe what comes along with the Coronavirus– fear, suspicion, mistrust, and a worldwide panic that seems to have gripped all, the governments as well as individuals. This is the very psychosis, which comes with asuric forces. We perceive also that the Coronavirus is bringing with it tremendous economic damage to the world. Airlines, businesses, even the governments might go bankrupt, and individuals are right now undergoing tremendous financial and psychological stress. This also is the Asura.

Now what Sri Aurobindo also says is that these hostile forces need vehicles, instruments, to do their harm. In the case of the Coronavirus, this instrument has been the media, both printed and electronic, which has, with sensationalism, hyperbole, and photo-shopping, amplified a million time the fears and concerns of people, putting pressure on governments, which all fell prey to this bloodsucking blackmail.

During the Second World War, Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual companion, the Mother, clearly indicated that Hitler was an asura, an evil force, and they put their spiritual power in play to help the Allies defeat him. It is therefore clear that while taking all hygienic and medical precautions, the Coronavirus needs to be fought on a spiritual and occult level.

For having a clear occult indication on how to fight this Coronavirus epidemic, we need to look at its origin. Well, it does come from China. We are not anti-Chinese per se, but whether the Coronavirus is man-made, because the Chinese eat all kind of animals, from vampires to snakes, which are killed alive before being sold; or if it is a biological weapon, which accidentally escaped from a research laboratory. There is no doubt about its source. On a very material level, it is a timely reminder to the West of China’s indomitable thirst for hegemonic dominance of the world. For example, 95% of the antibiotics consumed on this planet are made in China; so are most of the automobiles parts, computer chips, mobile phones such as the Apple etc. The world is therefore totally dependent on China today and this is a signal that it is a dangerous thing and the West needs to de-localize from the Chinese and re-localize – in India, for instance – a much more friendly, spiritual and democratic nation.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama often spoke of a ‘black karma’ of the Chinese, not only because they massacred nearly a million Tibetans but also because Mao-Tse tung, in his megalomania, killed 20 million of his own people. Is the Coronavirus which has paralyzed the whole of China and which will damage its long-term ambitions, such as a new Silk Road that crosses the Himalayas to reach the Pakistani port of Gwadar, and hence flood the western world with Chinese goods, a consequence of that black karma? The future will say.

At any rate, while India needs to take all sanitary precautions, it is She (India) only who can fight the invisible forces behind the Coronavirus. All the great gurus of the moment, His Holiness the Dalai-lama, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Amrita Anandamayi, Jaggi Sadhguru, the Shankarya, Gurumai, etc, should assemble together and performs pujas and yagnas; individually we can also fight the virus by repeating in our hearts the Mother’s prayer:

“In the name of the Divine,

For the sake of the Divine,

By the power of the Divine,

With the strength of the Divine,

To all adverse beings or forces,

I order you to quit this place at once and for ever”….

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