Love Jihad: India’s new epidemic

love jihad cases increasing
Top left to Right: Women victims of Love Jihad.Below: 16 year old Sakshi being stabbed by muslim boyfriend (Photo: News Intervention)

In a tragic case of Love Jihad, another Hindu minor girl named Sakshi (16) was ruthlessly butchered by her boyfriend in the Shahbad Dairy area in Delhi. While the incident is horrific, there are more such incidents happening frequently across India.

Debates around Love Jihad

Indian society, especially Hindus, has been witnessing the destructive impact on their civilization for centuries. With each passing time frame, these attacks have become increasingly aggressive and inhumane, ranging from historical state-sponsored exploitation and killings to the recent evil practice of ‘Love Jihad.’

While many so-called intelligentsia outright denounce it, they often fail to examine cases like that of poor Shraddha Walker, who was dismembered before being disposed of, or the recent case of Sakshi, who was brutally killed by her Muslim boyfriend wearing a kalava (a pious red thread tied around the right hand).

To analyze this phenomenon, it becomes necessary to review some recent cases from around India that may seem unrelated but are actually inspired by the same mentality, which believes in Jihad against Hindu girls.

Hindu minor girl trapped in Tamil Nadu

Reportedly, a 16-year-old Hindu girl from Trichy in Tamil Nadu was trapped by a 32-year-old man named Mubarak Ali. It began with missed calls, and the girl was further groomed. After she went missing on 1 May, her parents filed a police complaint, and she was rescued while boarding a train.

Mubarak Ali had promised to marry her and had taken her to Bangalore, where she was sexually abused. When Mubarak’s parents denied the marriage, he sent the girl to Niyaz and Saddam in Vellore, where she was raped multiple times before finally being rescued.

Kanpur train incident

In another incident, a Muslim man was caught beating a Hindu girl on a train near Kanpur. Upon investigation, the accused was identified as Javed Alam from Chappra, and the girl belonged to Siwan. Javed had abducted her and had taken her to Delhi, where she was assaulted, raped, impregnated, and forcibly converted to Islam.

Educated love Jihadis

Even educated professionals like doctors are involved in such illicit activities. A decade ago, Dr. Iqbal, disguised as a Hindu from Bareilly, married Nisha in Saharnpur. Shockingly, Iqbal was already married. After Nisha discovered the truth, she was pressurized to convert, and when she refused, she was brutally murdered by Iqbal and his friends in front of their daughters.

Assam to Madhya Pradesh

However, these incidents are not restricted to Uttar Pradesh or Tamil Nadu. Harej Ali from Assam trapped a Hindu girl through a fake Hindu account on Facebook. Later, he abducted the girl, took her to Bangalore, and raped her. After a few months, he took the girl to his home, where she was tortured and coerced to convert. The case came to light after she managed to escape and reach the police station.

In Madhya Pradesh as well, a man named Faizan trapped a Hindu girl under the pretext of marriage. Despite the false promise of marriage, the girl engaged in a physical relationship. However, Faizan later asked her to convert, to which she refused and registered a police complaint.

Love Jihad is an organised crime

The cases are increasingly becoming more prominent with the passage of time. In September 2022, a 13-year-old girl was abducted and raped by Babu Khan for three days. Following this, a Muslim man having nine children raped and forcibly converted a Hindu woman.

These incidents are not isolated; every day, a new case surfaces with even more intensity of hatred than the previous ones. While it may appear as random crimes, they are organized crimes following the same pattern.

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