Manipur completes first phase of deportation of illegal Myanmar immigrants

deportation of illegal migrants
Deported illegal Myanmar immigrants (Photo: N Biren Singh)

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh announced on Thursday that the first phase of deportation of illegal Myanmar immigrants has been successfully completed in Manipur, with 38 immigrants exiting the country via Moreh.

Taking to X, the chief minister shared the news along with photographs of the formal deportation process. He stated, “Without any discrimination, we have completed the first phase of deportation of illegal immigrants from Myanmar with 38 more immigrants leaving Manipur, India today through Moreh. A total of 77 illegal immigrants have been deported in the first phase.”

Singh further revealed that one Indian national was also repatriated from Myanmar during the handover ceremony. He emphasized the state government’s commitment to identifying illegal immigrants and recording biometric data.” Let’s keep our borders and country secure,” he added.

Last month, Singh raised concerns about the unnatural growth of 996 new villages with illegal immigration population, citing the threat it poses to indigenous people and national security. Addressing the issue on X, he questioned, “Will anyone accept the unnatural growth of new villages and population, causing massive changes to the demography in their own state or country due to the influx of illegal immigrants?”

Singh highlighted the challenges faced in Manipur, where numerous new villages have emerged due to an influx of illegal immigrants from Myanmar since 2006. He expressed concern over the destruction of massive forest cover to establish settlements and carry out illegal activities such as poppy plantations.During the last state assembly session, Singh disclosed that 6,746 illegal Myanmarese individuals were detected in Manipur from May 3 last year to February 27 this year in response to a question by opposition Congress MLA Th Lokeshwor.

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