Manzoor Pashteen reflects on August 8 Quetta tragedy

Manzoor Pashteen remembers 8 august
Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: News Intervention)

Manzoor Pashteen, a prominent advocate for justice and rights and PTM chief, has recently issued a statement shedding light on the tragic events of August 8, 2016. On that ill-fated day, an explosion rocked Quetta, claiming the lives of over 70 martyrs and leaving more than 130 individuals wounded. Pashteen’s words not only commemorate the lives lost but also ignite a conversation about the quest for justice that has remained unfulfilled.

In the years that have followed the heart-wrenching incident, the political landscape has undergone shifts with various parties forming governments, generals assuming leadership roles, and chief justices taking their place. However, despite these transitions, Pashteen points out that the families of the martyrs and the survivors of the blast are still awaiting justice.

Pashteen’s statement raises a vital question: In the midst of political changes and leadership rotations, where can the light of justice finally shine? His words resonate with the frustration felt by those seeking answers, revealing the ongoing pain of unresolved grievances.

The advocate’s message transcends mere reflection and propels a call to action. He underscores the pressing need to empower the masses and seek justice through organized collective efforts. Pashteen highlights that genuine protection and transformative change can only be realized through the joint strength of the people.

Pashteen emphasizes, “The path forward requires the establishment of strong public organizations in every village, tehsil, and district”. By cultivating these grassroots networks, Pashtin believes that both safeguarding and revolutionizing society can become achievable goals.

Following the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Balochistan has been fighting the war of its existence. Be it the peaceful way of protests or the armed resistance, against the inhumane authoritarian quasi state of Pakistan, Balochs are fighting an all-front war.

As the human right abuses and exploitation of the Baloch resources are increasing with each passing day, there is also an inceasing voice from inside Balochistan demanding the forceful resistance against these atrocities. Unfortunately, one of the various reasons for such a voice is also the ignorance of international and multilateral human rights organizations. Inspired by their sinister interests, almost every organization has turned a blind eye towards the complete devastation of Balochistan.

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