Massive protest erupts in Pak-occupied Balochistan against Pak genocide of Baloch

public protest erupts in Bulandshahr
protest in Bulandshahr (Source: X)

In a remarkable display of solidarity, a massive public protest erupted in Bulandshahr Pak-occupied Balochistan in support of the ongoing Baloch Genocide movement. The involvement of thousands of women is not only a significant achievement but also plays a crucial role in the progress of the Baloch genocide movement. Activist Mahrang Baloch stated that this public support and strength became the pillars of their movement and the defeat of the oppressors.

Additionally, this past weekend marked the first time in Ornach’s history that women and children took part in the protest. This was in response to the Baloch Yakjehti Committee’s (BYC) request to show support for the Baloch demonstrators in Islamabad. Also, BYC has organized and led many protests in various locations. Recently, for instance, tens of thousands of people, including women and children, rallied in Gwadar, a large-scale protest occurred in Tump, and similar protests were held in Gresha, Karkh, Dhadar, and Khuzdar. These large-scale demonstrations help the Baloch community raise their voices and promote unity and solidarity.

Since March 27, 1948, the Baloch people have faced regular home invasions, kidnappings for ransom, target killings, forced disappearances, and torture. Exploitation has been directed towards the resource-rich provinces of Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, where the Pak Army is executing an evil plan to loot the region’s wealth.

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