Medicine prices skyrocket by 700% in Pakistan flouting manufacturing norms

700% increase in medicine prices
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Over the last five years, the prices of medicines have reportedly increased by approximately 700% in Pakistan. The majority of pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan use smuggled, sub-standard, and very cheap raw materials and other materials required for manufacturing medicines in the guise of Afghan transit trade. Companies also do not allow drug regulatory authority officials to inspect the actual prices of raw materials and other items used in medicines, whether they are purchased legally or obtained through bribes.

Similarly, the Ministry of Health and DRAP authorities do not even evaluate the quality of raw materials and other items used in the manufacture of medicines.

On the other hand, this pharmaceutical mafia requests an increase in prices day by day, justifying it by citing the rising cost of raw materials and other commodities due to the increase in the value of the dollar. It should also be noted that drugs made from smuggled raw materials are substandard and may be used for various other diseases. Even after purchasing the most expensive medicine in the region, the patient does not experience immediate recovery.

The DRAP authorities have failed to check whether the raw materials and other items used in the manufacture of medicines were purchased legally or not.

It is the responsibility of The FBR, especially the Customs authorities, to examine how many drugs are being manufactured annually by pharmaceutical companies and how much raw materials and other items are used in their production. They have to verify whether these materials are legally purchased or not and whether all government benefits and taxes have been paid or fudged.

NAB and FIA should also investigate whether the prices, which are being increased daily on the basis of raw materials and other necessary accessories required for pharmaceuticals, have been determined fairly. They should verify whether the items used in the preparation of medicines have been purchased legally.

It should be noted that in the last 5 years, the prices of medicines have increased by more or less 700%, while the value of the dollar has not increased even by 200%.

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