Mutilated bodies of abducted Baloch couple Hani Gul & Sameer Baloch recovered

murder of Baloch couple
Hani & Samir Baloch (left) mutilated bodies of the couple (right)

The bodies of Hani Gul and Sameer Baloch have been identified by their family members. Hani and Sameer were kidnapped from their residence in Iranshahar, Western Balochistan. The remains were located in the Sarawan region and have been transported to the Khaash morgue.

The abduction, executed by unidentified individuals dressed as civilians, has left many questions unanswered regarding the precise circumstances.

Hani Gul, renowned for her human rights advocacy in Balochistan, had previously disclosed her abduction alongside former fiancé Naseem Baloch, orchestrated by Pakistani intelligence agencies. While Hani endured alleged mistreatment and was subsequently freed, Naseem Baloch’s current location remains undisclosed.

Sameer Baloch was the sibling of Abdul Rauf Baloch, an educator from Turbat, Balochistan, who was fatally targeted and killed following accusations of blasphemy. The potential correlation between these occurrences and the couple’s abduction remains to be established, but it is worth mentioning that just a couple of days after Abdul Rauf was killed, the couple was abducted.

As the community mourns the loss of Hani Gul and Sameer Baloch, ongoing investigations aim to shed light on the intricate circumstances surrounding these tragic events.

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