My 4 sons and 2 daughters are ready to be sacrificed for Free Balochistan: Bibi Zeba Baloch

Bibi Zeba Baloch, the mother of Najid Jan who was among the five Baloch youths killed during a clash with Pakistan-supported local armed group in Zamran said that she felt proud for the martyrdom of her son. “I congratulate the whole Baloch nation,” Bibi Zeba Baloch said. 

In a video message to Radio Zrumbesh, Bibi Zeba Baloch said that Najid Jan was martyred for the land of Balochistan. “Najid Jan was not my son, rather he was a son of his motherland. Four months ago, I had dressed up Najid Jan as a groom with my own hands. Today his real mother– the land of Balochistan, has made him a groom once again. He has become a martyr for his mother land,” Bibi Zeba Baloch said in an emotional message.

Bibi Zeba Baloch, mother of martyr Najid Jan. Najid was among the five Baloch fighters who were martyred last week fighting Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists at Zamuran in Balochistan.

She added in her message: “I do not grieve over the martyrdom of my son nor do I shed tears. My son has been martyred for his homeland. Other boys who were martyred along with Najid Jan are also my sons and I have same feelings for them, but martyrdom is essential for this war for freedom. Today, Najid Jan has been martyred. If motherland needs so, I have four sons and two daughters and I will sacrifice them for the motherland too.”

“I urge the friends of Najid Jan not to be cowards, do not let the fear get in your heart. This enemy (Pakistan) can not do anything to us, our homeland (Balochistan) will be free one day,” she said.

At the end of her message, Bibi Zeba Baloch said that she requests all the mothers of martyrs not to shed tears for the martyrs and don’t be upset. “Our children have been martyred for their motherland. At last pay the richest tribute to all martyrs.”

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