Noorullah Tareen detained for over 4 months on fake sedition charges

PTM coordinator Noorullah Tareen abducted by Pakistan
PTM Sindh coordinator Noorullah Tareen (Photo: X)

In a concerning development, Noorullah Tareen, the Provincial Coordinator of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) in Sindh, has been languishing in illegal imprisonment for more than four months. Tareen, an outspoken advocate for the Pashtun rights has been implicated in fake sedition charges, a move widely criticized as an attempt to suppress his proactive stance on behalf of the Afghan refugee community.

Noorullah was arrested last year from Karachi in October, and since then is incarcerated in Karachi jail. He was arrested following proactively putting up the fight of Afghan refugees and standing besides them. In September when Pak Army faced humiliating assault by TTP in Chitral, it took out its frustration on Afghani civilians. Pakistan launched a crackdown of Afghan migrants, for which Pakistan and PTM Sindh came facing each other. Since a significant number of Afghans were harassed by Pakistani establishment in Sindh, Noorullah Tareen took key measures to provide them protection, even legal aid.

Unhappy with this, Pakistani establishment implicated him in the fake cases. Over four months have past and on every court hearing the matter is staved off to a next hearing.

The abduction and arrest of Noorullah Tareen highlights that their is no law and order in Pakistan and those raising the voice of dissent are only punished with unlawful arrest, detention on fabricated sedition charges.

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