On the Rise: A Million Creative Entrepreneurs

Jamsetji Tata is a pioneer industrialist who laid the foundations of India's largest business conglomerate, the Tata Group. Jamsetji Tata was born on March 3, 1839.

Given a chance, who would not aspire to be in full control of their destiny? Experimenting, learning and deciding a unique pursuit, like a boat freely moving in a vast ocean.

Once upon a time, India was such a nation. A society of creative individuals, coexisting in culture of truth and justice. Wise people called it Dharm, (self-regulating wisdom), where each person could blossom to fullest, as eloquently stated in two words–“Aham Bramhasmi” (I am the Creator). Those ahead, facilitated others growing around them. That was the civilisation, when India was known by her truer name, Bharat.

Since times immemorial, new lives are born each day, being nurtured with utmost care. Yet, only a handful may choose to pursue adventures of true freedom. Majority perish with little or no trace, without ever getting to know the real purpose of their being. Decision is always one’s own.

Twenty-first Century has begun with a new set of innovations, with extraordinary opportunities for the mankind. Advent of internet has put the man on an accelerated path of growth. The only limitation being one’s own imagination. Every passing day brings yet another disruption, towards greater possibilities. How many of us are willing to see the big picture and dare convert these possibilities into reality is the root question.

Youth in every country is blessed to be born in such rare times, which can be termed as ‘eye of the storm’ for at least a century to come. Like a whirlpool, the global-order is in a flux and in the midst of churning. Dynamic creative minds would strive and establish the world at a higher orbit of purpose, in a matter of a generation or so.

India is poised uniquely to play a decisive role during this churning and thereafter, as her ancient wisdom would be increasingly sought by the future leaders from everywhere. Hers is a demonstrated reality of sustained coexistence through thousands of years, despite barbaric onslaughts. This becomes even more pertinent as the future direction of mankind shifts inward, having reached the saturation point externally. So, the creative opportunities for youth who are India-born and/or who have proper exposure to Indian heritage in any domain of choice or natural aptitude is immense. All that is needed is truly passionate entrepreneurial spirit.

“Entrepreneur-ing” means having the courage to chart a new course, with clarity and conviction. Ability to define actual need, understanding extent of associated challenges and risks, willingness to plunge oneself with definite goals are the key characteristics required to be nurtured from very young age.

As wrongly perceived, entrepreneuring is not about becoming owner of a business enterprise, necessarily. When someone like a Sreedharan (Delhi Metro) or a Bhabha (BARC) decides to take charge of creating a new institute, it is as much an act of entrepreneuring. Sense of ownership, in any case, is always required in every task of life to grow oneself internally and to one’s fullest. In fact, owning an enterprise does offer freedom and flexibility in defining priority of dreams and pursuing them in ways possible.

Anyone and everyone who feels his or her mind being grossly under-utilised or wasted in championing futile goals of any organization, small or large, in village or in a city, or anywhere else, has a rare chance to untie oneself and rise!

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