P.M. Modi bats for G-20 membership for African Union

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo:PTI)

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed his G-20 counterparts to grant full membership to the African Union (AU) at the September Summit in New Delhi. Prime Minister has written a letter to his counterparts following the request by the grouping which comprises of 55 countries of the African continent. It is worth noting that countries like US, France and China have backed the full membership for AU.

    Despite being under the shadow of Ukraine crisis, India has been successful in steering its presidency in favour of the aspirations of the larger world. In doing so India has raised the issues of global south and strives for making inclusive global architecture and governance.

    If AU gets full membership, it would be the second economic group after EU to gain a seat in the grouping. AU as an economic bloc has been significant in raising the issues of underprivileged African countries in front of the world. The voice of collective Africa is also an important part of the Global South.

    The concretion of the African Union in G-20 will make the grouping more inclusive and more beneficial for the world, especially the one having no voice in global economic framework.  

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