Pak Army abducts a young Baloch student

baloch student abducted
Abducted Baloch Student (Photo: News Intervention)

A Baloch student has been forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan Army from Turbat.

In an ongoing series of enforced disappearances across Balochistan, a young Baloch student, Shahid, son of Char Shambey, studying in class 10 in Turbat, was abducted forcefully. Originally from Madag-e-Kalat in Dandar area of Kolwah, Kech, he had moved to Turbat in search of better educational facilities that his village lacked. Reports indicate that he was illegally detained by the Pakistan Forces at Kolwah Stop and has subsequently gone missing.

Enforced disappearances have been a grim reality in Pakistan for decades, but the abduction and illegal detention of students further exacerbate the situation. Since the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Balochs have faced the worst physical and emotional torture, which has intensified with each passing day. Unfortunately, enforced disappearances not only subject victims to physical torment but also inflict emotional anguish upon their families. The uncompassionate Pakistan Army does not differentiate between men and women, adults and children, perpetuating a grave violation of human rights and international norms.

 It is disheartening to witness such barbaric acts of enforced disappearances persist, even in an age where human rights voices are raised worldwide.

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