Pak Army abducts two Baloch youth in Balochistan

Enforced Disappearance
Fayyaz Ali And Zareef Baloch (Photo: News Intervention)

Two young Baloch have disappeared by the Pakistan Army, while a third person has been released after the incident.

As per reports, Zareef Baloch and his friend Tahir Baloch were forcibly abducted by the Pakistan Army from Absar Kolwai Bazar in Turbat, Balochistan. While Tahir Baloch was eventually released, Zareef Baloch’s whereabouts remain unknown.

In a similar incident, another Baloch youth named, Fayyaz Ali was taken from his home by Pakistan forces. Considerably, this is the second time that Faiyyaz Ali has been forcefully disappeared by the Pakistan Army. Last time when he was disappeared, it took him nine months to return home.

Families of Zahir Baloch and Fayyaz Ali have been trying to seek the information regarding the arrest and their whereabouts. Unfortunately, the impunity of Pakistan Army is making them suffer even more. Since the last few weeks, Pakistan Army has been more indulged in abducting the youth and even minors. The disappearance of young Baloch is a part of new measure to intensify the curbing of Baloch voice. Also, this indicates towards the profiling done by Pakistan Army and so-called security forces is to keep a check on rising potential voices. The case of Fayyaz and Zareef are an evidence of that. Since, the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Pakistan has incorporated every method to suppress the voice of Baloch nation. However, with more suppression they are only witnessing more resistance.

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