Pak Army bombard Pashtuns, injure father and daughter

Pak Army attack pashtuns
Father and daughter along with their livestock who were injured in the bombardment by the Pak Army ( Photo: News Intervention)

A father along with his daughter were injured in the bombardment of the Pak Army in the Pashtun tribal area (Upper Ali Khel Jani Khel area of Bannu) while there are reports of injuries to the livestock as well.
Pakistani soldiers fired mortar shells and bullets on the village of Charwahs. This series of oppression continues. According to local sources, the local administration of Bannu does nothing and has become just a mere spectator.These so-called ‘incidents’ of state repression against the Pashtun nation have not diminished. Whenever people protest against state atrocities, they are targeted in some way.The Pakistani military and the ISI have pursued a policy of maintaining and spreading unrest in the Pashtun tribal areas so that they can use Islamic extremist ideologies on the hapless Pashtuns and turn them into suicide machines.But the flame of nationalism has been lit across Pashtunistan and the Pashtuns have now understood the gambit of Punjabi Pakistan Army and the ISI.

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