Pak Army forcibly disappears another Baloch youth in Khuzdar district of POB

The Pak Army conducts home raids and detains several innocent Baloch individuals in poison affected regions in Pak-occupied Balochistan
Bilal Ahmed (Photo: X)

Recently on March 4, a Baloch youth was forcibly disappeared from the Khuzdar district of Pak-occupied Balochistan by the oppressive Pak Army. This incident occurred while the Pak Army carried out massive operations against Baloch communities during a house-to-house search operation in the Zehri town of Khuzdar of Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

The missing youth is identified as Bilal Ahmed son of Ustad Mohammad Bakhsh Miraji. The oppressive army also attacked women and children during the house raid in the Zehri town of Khuzdar.

In a similar incident, the Pak Army in the Yakbuzi neighbourhood of Khuzdar, during which multiple homes were broken into and individuals were tortured. But there were no reported arrests from the aforementioned raid.

It’s important to note that these are not isolated incidents in Pak-occupied Balochistan and are documented daily, with an increase in cases of enforced disappearances. Since their forceful occupation on March 27, 1948, the Pak has always inflicted violence and atrocities on the Baloch communities.

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