Pak Army forcibly disappears more than 43 Baloch in July – BYC

enforced disappearances of Baloch
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In a compelling press conference at the Quetta Press Club, the Baloch Solidarity Committee, led by student activist Dr. Mahrang Baloch, revealed the harrowing extent of human rights violations that unfolded in Balochistan during the month of July.

Mahrang Baloch’s somber voice resonated with passion and concern as she disclosed the shocking numbers: “More than 43 people were forcibly disappeared this month, while the mutilated bodies of more than 6 people were recovered.” The horrors didn’t end there; she also brought attention to the killing of a woman by a so-called Jirga in Chagai and the relentless extortion by death squads.

The human rights abuses extended beyond Chagai, with incidents of killings in Wadh, use of excessive police force on students in Khuzdar, and frequent operations causing turmoil in Karachi and Kech, Absar areas.

“We have been pleading with each and every state institution, gathering against these rights violations in Balochistan,” Mahrang Baloch implored. Despite their efforts, the violations of constitutional rights and other injustices continue to rise unchecked. She attributed the crisis to the involvement of state’s security agencies, government-backed death squads, state-sponsored criminal gangs, and direct state repression.

State’s Tyrannical Policies

Balochistan’s current state is plagued by illegal activities by the Pakistan Army such as daily raids on houses, enforced disappearances, fake encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at check posts, and even kidnappings for ransom by criminals. The situation has been further exacerbated by the state’s tyrannical policies, impacting every corner of the province.

The poignant revelations exposed the unsettling reality faced by the people of Balochistan, but it also shed light on the indifference from the media and judiciary towards their struggles. Despite continuous protests and demonstrations, their plight seems to fall on deaf ears.

During the press conference, Mahrang Baloch presented compelling data collected by her organization. In the beginning of July, Isa, son of Jangi Khan, fell victim to a state-backed group in Mushkay, leaving a child injured in the tragic incident. To make matters worse, Isa had previously faced enforced disappearance four times before meeting his untimely demise.

The heart-wrenching report showcased a series of enforced disappearances that occurred in Balochistan immediately after Eid, leaving families distraught and communities in fear.

The Baloch Solidarity Committee’s revelations not only highlight the urgency of the situation but also call for immediate action and accountability from authorities. As Balochistan grapples with the shadows of injustice, the world watches with bated breath, waiting for a glimmer of hope to pierce through the darkness.Following the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Balochistan has been fighting the war of its freedom from the clutches of Pakistan.

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