Pak Army forcibly disappears three more youths from Pak-occupied Balochistan

forcibly disappeared men
Forcibly disappeared men by Pak Army (Photo: Social Media)

In Pakistan-occupied- Balochistan province, three more youths have been subjected to enforced disappearance by security forces, while one missing person was recovered after nearly a month in custody.

According to the PAANK, a human rights group associated with the Baloch National Movement, Pak Army conducted a raid in the Pullabad ,Pak occupied Balochistan area early Thursday morning and took away three young men – Mohsin Abdulsamad, Adil Abdulsamad and Sohail Baloch.

Their families have expressed grave concern over the youths’ well-being and whereabouts after they were whisked away by security personnel. PAANK vehemently condemned the action as “an abhorrent act and blatant violation of human rights and international laws.”

The new incident of forced disappearances comes just a day after Aziz son of Shambay was recovered nearly a month after being picked up from his home in Kech district during a raid on April 18. Close family sources confirmed Aziz’s recovery on Thursday.

The persistent issue of enforced disappearances has been a major flashpoint in the ethnic Baloch community for years, with Baloch freedom fighters taking actions against Pak security forces for routinely abducting activists and civilians.

Human rights organizations have long documented thousands of cases of enforced disappearances in Pak-occupied-Balochistan at the hands of intelligence agencies and Pak Army. Families have led numerous protests demanding the recovery of their missing loved ones. Pakistan has forcefully occupied Balochistan since 1948, exploiting its resources while oppressing its people.

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