Pak Army General admits China’s support in crushing Baloch freedom movement

Maj Gen Ayman Bilal (right) with Jaan Kamal, Chief Minister occupied Balochistan (left).
Maj Gen Ayman Bilal (right) with Jaan Kamal, Chief Minister occupied Balochistan (left).

Ayman Bilal, a Major General in the Pakistan Army, has confessed to China’s role in crushing the Baloch independence movement in occupied Balochistan. “China has deployed me here to crush the Baloch movement and has given me a six-month task,” said Maj Gen Ayman Bilal.

Bilal added that if the threat of FATF black list is removed then they would not hesitate to go inside Iran and take action. “Iran is the biggest enemy of Pakistan which has a direct hand in the instability of Balochistan,” Maj Gen Ayman Bilal said at a special jirga meeting at the Frontier Corps (FC) Headquarters in Turbat where other important functionaries such as the local agents of FC and other intelligence people were present. Bilal is also the new IG F.C. South Balochistan.

This is the first time a serving Major General of the Pakistan Army has openly admitted to China’s role in the deployment and assistance to Pakistan Army in occupied Balochistan.

In this special jirga session of Frontier Corps, Raheema Jalal, sister of Federal Minister for Defense Production Zubeida Jalal, Sardar Aziz, head of state backed Death Squads from Pedarak, Yasir Bahram, head of state Death Squad Nagor Dasht, Hasil Kolwahi and heads of armed groups who are working on state parole from Tump, Mand, Buleda, Zamuran, Dasht and Hoshap were also present during the meeting.

Major General Ayman Bilal explained at the jirga that he had been posted in Balochistan only at the behest of China. He is also being paid a hefty salary and has only six months on the task to crush the Baloch freedom struggle.

Bilal said that he has extensive experience of working in Balochistan for the last 30 years and has worked in Quetta, Sibi, Kolwah, Dera Bugti and Awaran. “China has paid me a salary and a large sum of money and officially posted me here to protect their regional interests and to thwart Iran’s conspiracies against CPEC, as it is a kind of investment in regional interests,” Bilal explained.

Maj. Gen. Ayman Bilal also said that the end of Baloch freedom movement and the success of CPEC is very important for Pakistan and China. “We have a good amount of money for this task, so let us know how much you need because we can’t wait any longer for Iran to create unrest in Balochistan, conspire against CPEC and stab us in the stomach in the name of friendship.”

Bilal further explained that at present Iran is the biggest enemy of Pakistan and added that “…if the threat of FATF is averted today, tomorrow we will go inside Iran and teach the Baloch separatists a lesson that their generations will remember. At the moment we only have the option to take action within 25 km of the Iranian border and we will use this option on time.”

He said that fencing Gwadar was not a political issue and was not a new experience. “The world and Pakistan have already built barricades or walls to protect cities where security is out of reach. The situation in Gwadar was also out of our control, hence fencing was decided after the failure of all security options. This fencing will happen in any case, we will not allow it to become a political issue.”

Maj Gen Ayman Bilal was clear on the questions raised by the jirga participants regarding the diesel trade. He said that the illegal supply of diesel from Iran would be halted in any case. This is not a business or trade. “Behind this, Iran is directly harming us. We have seized dozens of vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition.”

Bilal said that the diesel trade would be gradually phased out, people should arrange alternative work now, instead of smuggling Iranian oil, they should go to agriculture, farming or any other sector.

(This news report was first published in Sangar Media and is being re-published in News Intervention with due permission)


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