Pak Army officials implicated as child trafficking syndicate busted in Pakistan

child racket busted
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Khurram agency police have busted a child trafficking syndicate and arrested an accused who supplied innocent children to FC and intelligence agencies for sexual abuse.

Accused Syed Tahir Qubad Shakheel used to supply innocent children to 73 Brigade including FC, MI, etc. In the last five years, dozens of children of Parachinar have been subjected to sexual abuse, abuse, while their videos were also made.

Mostly, these children are under 14 years of age. More than 600 videos have been recovered from the laptop of the accused. According to local sources, hundreds of children have been sexually abused.

Reportedly, the accused was arrested earlier too, but was released due to the pressure of a captain and a major of the Pakistan Army. The accused admitted that video clips of child abuse were made and money was also obtained by blackmailing the parents.

The latest expose of the child trafficking syndicate, involving Pak Army and its intelligence agencies, is one of the biggest expose of the nexus between all sort of criminals, including abusers, and Pakistan Army. They not only exploit people but also make money from their ordeal leaving the victim and their family with no legal recourse.

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