Pak Army raids houses, loots crops & abducts a Baloch in Dera Bugti

Man Abducted as Military Raids, Crop Looting Continue in Dera Bugti
Bagan (Photo - X)

Tensions continue to escalate in Dera Bugti as Pakistan’s counter-terrorism department (CTD), accompanied by intelligence officials, raided a house in the Gornadi area and abducted Bagan, the son of Meren Bugti. Reportedly, the family has received hefty ransom demands from the forces after the abduction.

The incident comes amid ongoing military operations in the region, where the Pak Army has been conducting operations for days in areas like Kordaan, Habib Rahi, Soor, and Layndi, as well as nearby areas of Dera Bugti district. Local farmers have said that the forces of mercilessly looting their crops and stored grains, representing a year’s worth of hard work meant to sustain their families.

“The forces are looting the year-long hard work and the grain stored by local farmers for their children”, said a local resident.

Eyewitnesses have confirmed the presence of a large number of forces in the area for the past days, with military vehicles being used to transport the looted crops and grains back to their camps.

The raids and crop looting operations have intensified the already tense situation in Pak-occupied-Balochistan, where locals have faced violence and oppression by the Pak Army for decades.

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