Pak Army raids villages in POB, abducts four Balochs in custody

pak army atrocities in villages in balochistan
Missing Balochs from Dera Bugti (Photo: News Intervention)

Four individuals, including two elderly persons, Ahmad Ali and his seventy-year-old father, Roshan Bugti, have been detained by the Pakistani forces and subsequently gone missing.

Sources say that last night at around 3 a.m., Pakistan Army conducted raids on various houses in the vicinity of Suai Airport Colony. In the house of Roshan Hotkani, the military personnel forcibly entered, subjected women and children to violence, and abducted Roshan Bugti and his son Ahmad Ali, who are both employed in the Levies.

Furthermore, from Roshan Bugti’s house, the forces took away two motorcycles, two valuable mobile phones, a licensed shotgun, and the jewelry of the women present in the house.

On the other hand, the Human Rights organization of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) called Pankh claims that on the 8th and 18th of June, the Pakistani forces took two individuals into custody from Suai, who are still missing. The missing individuals include Tariq, son of Saffar Khan Bugti, and Juma, son of Allahuddin Bugti, who were taken into custody on the 8th and 18th of June, respectively.Balochistan was declared an independent nation on 11 August 1947 by the British government and on 27 March 1948 it was occupied by Pakistan. Pakistan has always been an illegal occupant of Balochistan. And that is why it has always treated Balochistan as a colony. It exploited the Baloch land for its benefit on the cost of oppression of Baloch people. 

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