Pak Army targets families of Baloch missing persons who participated in the Long March

The families of enforced disappeared victims who participated in the march are being forcibly disappeared by the Pak Army
Gulkhan Shikari and his son Miran Shikari (Photo: X)

In a distressing turn of events, the families of Baloch missing persons who actively participated in a recent march are now facing the cruel reality of enforced disappearances orchestrated by the Pak Army. This sinister act aims to undermine the collective efforts of these victim families in their quest for justice and accountability.

The whereabouts of Gul Khan Shikari, Miran Shikari (his son), and Zahid, son of Aktar Muhammad, have remained unknown since their abduction on February 7, 2024. These individuals had joined the march advocating for the release of Nawab Imran and Najeeb Baloch. Their lives are currently in peril, and there is an urgent call for human rights organizations to condemn the barbaric actions of the Pak Army.

It is essential to highlight that in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, instances of forced disappearances are alarmingly common and are reported daily. Among the recent victims of enforced disappearances are Majeed and Ajeem, a father and son wrongfully detained and disappeared by the Pak Army from Awaran and Mastung districts in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

Since the forcible occupation of their region by the Pak Army on March 27, 1948, the people of Pakistan-occupied Balochistan have been steadfastly resisting the atrocities and Baloch genocide perpetrated by the Army. These atrocities include frequent home invasions, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom.

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