Pak Army’s barbaric violence continues in Balochistan: Dil Murad Baloch

Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary of the Baloch National Movement (BNM)
Dil Murad Baloch, Central Information Secretary of the Baloch National Movement (BNM)

Baloch National Movement (BNM) Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch issued the monthly report of October 2019 in which he stated that Pakistani forces continue to commit atrocities in occupied Balochistan. The state-sponsored death squads are inflicting innumerable atrocities under the umbrella of the Pakistan Army. The situation of Balochistan is in the worst condition and the Baloch nation is looking towards the international community for help.

The report states that the Pakistani Army conducted 28 military operations in the month of October and 30 people “disappeared”. Also, 25 dead bodies were discovered during this month, of which 8 were killed by Pakistani security forces and one person was killed by the death squads. Two elderly persons and two women were killed in Ormara. The women were killed in front of their children, whereas the two elderly men were shifted into the military camps, where they were tortured to death. Later, their dead bodies were dumped in Ormara. One person was killed by security forces who was previously released from the torture cell. The exact causes of the death of other 16 people remains unknown. The security forces also looted more than 100 houses during military operations in different areas of Balochistan.

Further, around 17 people were released from the torture cells of security forces. Among them one person was abducted in 2015, two went missing from 2016, three more people had gone missing in 2017, one was missing from 2018 and the other ten people were whisked away in 2019 by the security forces.

The Information Secretary of Baloch National Movement also mentioned the scandal of the University of Balochistan where university authorities in league with the Frontier Corps (FC) installed surveillance and hidden cameras and recorded candid videos of students to blackmail them. It was a well-organized plan by authorities of Pakistan government. These videos were used to blackmail hundreds of Baloch female students.

Khalil Baloch, the Chairman of Baloch National Movement has already expressed his worries about this incident, saying that it was an attack on our national dignity and honor which wounded our collective soul. Baloch nation will remember this for centuries to come and will take historical revenge for it from the state of Pakistan.

Dil Murad Baloch stated that in October, Panjgur, Awaran, and few other areas were under the constant attack of Pakistani security forces. Pakistan has turned Balochistan into an altar. Due to these atrocities by Pakistani security forces a humanitarian crisis has evolved in Balochistan.

He states that a few months ago the video of an elderly person Hassan son of Shay Sheru of Rach, Ormara turned viral on the internet. In that video, the man can be seen complaining about the death squads of Pakistan Army which have turned life unbearable and he appeals for help. As a result of this viral video Pakistani Army abducted Hassan Sheru and another old man Lal Mohammad Razai and killed them. Pakistani forces took them to the army camp where they were inhumanly tortured and killed. Among the dead women, one was also pregnant and the other had a three-month-old baby. Despite this tragic event, no one raised voice to condemn this hapless incident. This event is not a single event. It reflects the entire picture of Balochistan and the humanitarian situation over here.

Dil Murad Baloch stated that the incident at the University of Balochistan, the tragedy of Ormara, the long-standing naked military aggression across Balochistan are sufficient to prove that Pakistan has crossed all limits of atrocities and are committing genocide across the Baloch nation. In order to maintain its hegemonic control on Balochistan, Pakistan keeps on increasing the frequency and intensity of such incidents. But the historical facts tell otherwise, that the nations cannot be defeated and held slaves forever. Baloch nation is ready for sacrifices in all shapes and forms. Similarly, these atrocities of Pakistan will further motivate the Baloch nation to gain their national freedom by setting a new example of sacrifices.

He added that the silence of the international community is enough to teach us that the Baloch nation has to single-handedly fight their own war and secure freedom on their own abilities. “We have no complaint against Pakistani civil society and human rights organizations but the silence of international bodies and humanitarian organizations raises several questions. They have been tight-lipped on the humanitarian crisis in Balochistan and had refused to condemn the atrocities, due to which Pakistan has been exacerbating its war crimes across the length and width of Balochistan,” added Dil Murad Baloch.

He further added that the Baloch National Movement has been publishing and making public the documented reports and bringing them before the international organizations, but till date, no cemented action has taken against Pakistani atrocities. The time is ripe that the United Nations and International Human rights organizations should send their fact-finding mission in Balochistan to analyse the ground realities.


  1. […] And you are right that the world doesn’t know about the miseries and troubles of the Baloch nation because there is a total media blackout in Balochistan. The internet is blocked in the interiors of Balochistan. Secondly, Pakistan is suppressing the Baloch nation in various ways. Pakistan is carrying out a systematic cultural genocide and has kept the dwellers of mineral-rich areas illiterate to deprive them of a voice. Further, we are also cornered in the international arena and our voice is still not loud, multifaceted and more frequent in the international arena. That is why the world knows little about the Pakistani brutalities in Balochistan. […]

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