Pak Army’s torture and murder of a Pashtun in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa sparks protests

Protests in Shaktoi
Protests in Shaktoi - killing of Muhammad-Wali (Photo: Social Media)

Tensions rose in the Shaktoi region when locals and Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) activists gathered on the streets to protest the suspected extrajudicial killing of Muhammad Wali, a Shaktoi resident. Wali was arrested and detained by the Pak Army two days ago without any formal FIR or court proceedings. Instead, he was tortured by the military.

When the Army dumped Wali’s lifeless and tortured body back into the village, the situation took a tragic turn. The horrifying tragedy has spurred local community with anger and grief, driving them to gather in protest outside the military fort in Shaktoi.

PTM leaders have arrived to the spot to express solidarity with the deceased’s family and the outraged locals. The protest is still going on, and protesters are refusing to leave until their demands for justice and transparency are met.

The extrajudicial death has aroused severe concerns about security personnel’ behaviour and their regard for due process and human rights. The lack of an official inquiry into Wali’s detention and subsequent torture has only fueled public discontent and distrust of the authorities.

The Shaktoi incident sheds light on the broader issue of enforced disappearances and wrongful detentions in the region. Human rights organisations and activists are appealing for an immediate and impartial investigation into the facts behind Muhammad Wali’s death as the situation unfolds.

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