Pak establishment falsely implicates Pashtun man for voicing against police harassment

pak harrassment
Arrested Momin Khan (Photo: X)

In a stunning development, Momin Khan, the Pashtun man working as property dealer in Qamber recently accused the SHO Rahimabad of harassment during a press conference at the Swat Press Club, is now facing serious charges himself. During the initial conference, Khan, accompanied by his young children, had claimed that the SHO was unnecessarily harassing him due to a land deal with Sajjad Ali. He alleged that the SHO’s actions had made his life miserable.

In a surprising twist, a day after his public plea for justice, Khan now finds himself at the center of a police case. The Rahimabad Police Station has registered a complaint against him, charging him with provisions of drinking alcohol, breaking into an old house, attempting rape, and other offenses. Khan was arrested and reportedly subjected to severe torture throughout the night.

Copy of FIR (Photo: X)

Press Conference that led to Khan’s arrest

During the press conference, Khan had stated, “I have sold 2500 sq. feet of land to Sajjad Ali, who himself is in Malaysia. Due to his brothers, the SHO of Rahimabad Police Station has started harassing me unnecessarily, due to which my life has become miserable.” He went on to express his frustration, threatening to take suicidal measures if the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Deputy Inspector General (DIG), and District Police Officer (DPO) did not provide him with justice.

Khan had further asserted his legitimacy as a property dealer, stating, “I am a property dealer and have a regular license. An inquiry should be held against me, and if any crime is proved, then I could be held accountable.”

The rapid and unexpected turn of events has heightened the complexity of the situation, with both Khan’s initial accusations and the subsequent charges against him raising concerns and generating public interest in the unfolding events. With due consideration, the incident also highlights the precarious condition of Pashtun community who face horrific persecution. Those who utter a word of criticism against Pakistan Army, police or establishment, they are implicated in false charges rendering them imprisoned with torture.

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