Pak FC forces attack civilian vehicle in Waziristan killing 1 & injuring 3

Pak army massacre in warizabad
Deceased an injured in Pak FC forces attack (Photo: X)

In a violent incident, Pakistan Frontier Corps (FC) attacked a passenger car in the metals and minerals-rich region of North Waziristan, resulting in the death of a local man named Farhad and injuring three others. This attack is part of a series of frequent assaults by FC and military forces aimed at instilling fear and insecurity among the native population, reportedly to facilitate their mass eviction and seize control of the mineral-rich lands predominantly owned by Pashtuns.

This incident occurred just two days after a Pakistani drone strike in Upper Waziristan killed five people of a family, including two women and two children in Tangi Badinzai Village on the night of May 13.

Notably, the family lived in Tank and recently came back to their native land in Waziristan.

The Pakistan Army initially claimed that the attack on the passenger car was triggered by a landmine intended for infiltrators. However, local Pashtuns released pictures of parts of the explosives dropped from the drone, exposing the Pakistan Army’s involvement and undermining their narrative.

This is not an isolated incident. Similar attacks have been reported, including one in last month that also resulted in the deaths of children.

Earlier in April, four Pashtuns, including two children were killed by Pak Army in a mortar shelling after the children went to collect mushrooms near the heavily guarded Pak Army camp.

Pak Army had then also called the death as an outcome of landmine explosion. However, the Pashtun organisation recovered mortar shells from the site exposing the Pak Army’s notoriety.

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