Pak forces abduct 25 Sindhis, they have now ‘disappeared’

(Representative Photo)
(Representative Photo)

Central Chairperson of Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh Soorath Lohar, General Secretary Sohni Joyo and Sasi Lohar have issued a joint statement saying that the operation of Pakistani forces has intensified in Sindh during the last few days. More than 25 Sindhi nationalist activists from different cities of Sindh have been forcibly disappeared after being arrested while more than fifty workers have already been forcibly disappeared earlier.

The joint statement said that during the last one week, JSQM activists from Jamshoro Javed Shoro, Waqar Panhoor, Muzaffar Qambrani, brother of nationalist leader Mashooq Qambrani, nationalist activists Ashfaq Dal from Kotri, Zahid Channa, Padaidan (Nowshero Feroze), Siatiq Wastaro and Aziz Bhangwar, Amanullah Lashai, Sanaullah Lashari, Noor Muhammad Abro, Muhammad Ali Chandio, brother of nationalist activist Faqir Noor Chandio from Qambar Shahdadkot, Pervez Chandio, cousin of national activist Aqib Chandio, Hamid Chandio Bhatti, Saddam Chandio have all been forcibly picked up and disappeared by Pakistani forces.

The statement further explained that in such a situation, Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh appeals to all international organizations, including the United Nations, Amnesty International and all human rights organizations, to support the ongoing humanitarian assistance by across Sindh and take note of the grave violations of human rights. All political and diplomatic voice in every forum of the world for the liberation of Sindhi and Baloch Missing Persons are being subject to inhuman atrocities.

The Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh reacted strongly, saying that the Pakistan Army and its agencies were now taking Sindh to the situation prevalent in (East Pakistan) Bangladesh. Women and children are being brutally tortured by the vandalization of houses of Sindh political activists and the youth and children are being picked up as well. The Sindhi nation will strongly react to this situation. He said that for the release of all the missing persons who have been forcibly disappeared by the state forces, a call for continuous protest at Karachi Press Club from April 25 to Eid day and across Sindh including Hyderabad, Newoshero Feroze, Larkana Meher and Jamshoro is being announced.

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