‘Pak forces kill and rape during operations’

Tribal elders during the presser at Turbat Press Club on Sunday. (Photo: News Intervention)
Tribal elders during the presser at Turbat Press Club on Sunday. (Photo: News Intervention)

Baloch elders and women from the Keelkor area of district Panjgur talked about Pakistani raids and human rights violations at the Turbat Press Club in occupied Balochistan on Sunday. “Pakistani forces have brutally killed our innocent loved ones. They arrested Pirjan who was then subjected to severe torture. Pirjan could not survive due to severe injuries. Our houses are set on fire by these (Pakistani) forces… our cattle are routinely shot dead during military operations. In a recent operation five camels were shot dead… our lives have been ruined by these law enforcement forces,” said Rehmat Dawood, a tribal elder.

“We are told that these forces have been deployed to protect us, but they are killing us. Recently during a military operation our women were desecrated. Can this be the work of protectors?” asked Rehmat Dawood.

“Our women have been desecrated during the raids on our houses. We appeal to the higher authorities to save us from the tyranny and barbarism of these unbridled forces,” said Ghulam Nabi, another tribal elder from Keelkor. Ghulam Nabi added that they were not being allowed to cultivate their lands. “Our crops have been deliberately destroyed by the forces,” added Ghulam Nabi.

Banuk Jangul introduced a small child to the media during this presser and said, “…this is five year old Mughal, whose father Daljan was killed during the operation.”

“Who will bring justice to this orphaned child? Justice is not expected anywhere. We want to know what is our crime, what have we done to these forces,” asked Banuk Jangul. She further added that they should be given the right to live on their land.

Extrajudicial killings and disappearances of Baloch by the Pakistani security forces across occupied Balochistan is a serious issue. Over the last several years more than 35,000 Baloch have been abducted who are now “missing” and more than 10,000 innocent Baloch civilians have been killed by the Pakistani forces as part of their “kill and dump” policy.

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