Pak forces wreak havoc in Balochistan, set fire to forests

Pakistan Army’s military operation continues at Gichak, Meshkay in district Awaran of occupied Balochistan and one person went “missing”. Pakistani forces have been conducting large scale operations in different parts of occupied Balochistan since last month.

Local Baloch sources told News Intervention that the military operation is in full swing at Awaran, Gichak, Meshkey and surrounding areas. They said that the Pakistani forces cordoned off Pirandar, Jakro, Allah Bakhsh Bent, Darman Bent, Himal Bazaar, Tulgi Valley, Ghulamu, Kandahar and Bakshi Bazaar areas of Awaran and all adjoining localities since Monday morning. One person has gone missing after being taken into custody. The missing person has been identified as Bashir Ahmed who is a shopkeeper who has been taken into custody and shifted to an unknown location.

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The Pakistani forces also looted houses in different areas during these operation and have set them on fire.
Balochistan’s charismatic leader Dr Allah Nazar tweeted about the fire lit up by Pakistani forces in different areas of occupied Balochistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistani forces cordoned off Kalan, Tir Kashi, Ragha and other areas in Meshkay while new checkposts have been set up at various places. The forces have also detained several herdsmen and transferred them to an unknown location.

The livelihood of the people in these areas is dependent on animal husbandry and agriculture.

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