Pak-occupied Balochistan plagued by financial irregularities, over 32 billion rupees fudged

The audit report reveals
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Financial irregularities exceeding 32 billion and 63 crore rupees have been revealed in Pak-occupied Balochistan during the fiscal year 2021-22. An audit report released in this regard highlights that the Balochistan government was unable to utilize 11.67% of the budget, amounting to 53 billion and 44 crore rupees. Furthermore, only 29% of the budget was allocated for development projects by the provincial government.

The audit report reveals that out of the PSDP (Public Sector Development Program) worth 239 billion rupees, only 68.7 billion rupees were spent. Financial irregularities exceeding 3 billion and 39 crore rupees occurred within the Board of Revenue Balochistan. Additionally, there were illegal expenses totaling 2099.7 million rupees, with records of more than 33.7 million rupees not being submitted. Irregularities amounting to over 2 billion and 17 crore rupees were also identified in the Department of Industries.

According to the report, financial irregularities exceeding 1 billion and 78 crores were found in the Planning and Development Department of Balochistan, while irregularities exceeding 1 billion and 87 crores were recorded in the Communication and Construction Department.

The audit report further reveals financial irregularities exceeding 3 billion and 89 crore rupees in the Health Department of Balochistan, and over 4 billion rupees in the Department of Mines and Minerals. Moreover, illegal expenses of more than 2 billion and 45 crore rupees were incurred in the Public Health Engineering Department.

Other findings include irregularities exceeding 1 billion and 38 crore rupees in the Balochistan Police Department, irregularities amounting to 263.3 million rupees in the Agriculture Department, and recommended recovery of 209 million rupees. Furthermore, irregularities exceeding 959.2 million rupees were identified in the Higher Education Department.

The report also states that irregularities exceeding 480.8 million rupees were found in the Finance Department, illegal expenses of over 213.2 million rupees were made in the Food Department, and irregularities of 194.5 million rupees were identified in the Livestock Department.

In addition, the audit report highlights irregularities amounting to 312.6 million rupees in the Irrigation Department, financial irregularities of 70.9 million rupees in the S&GAD Department (Services & General Administration Department), and instances where schemes were not implemented in the Finance, Excise and Taxation, and Transport Authority departments.

The report further reveals that out of the 28 sectors in the PSDP, 24 sectors received an allocation of less than one percent. Government departments failed to submit records of an amount totaling 62 crore rupees, and fraud and embezzlement exceeding 25 million rupees took place.

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