Pak-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan demands freedom from Pakistan

protest in gilgit baltistan
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Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan is witnessing multiple protests demanding freedom from Pakistan. During one such protest on 18 May, Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Johary, one of the leaders of Gilgit-Baltistan, raised his voice for the region’s independence.

The protests gained momentum after the arrest of Imran Khan and subsequent subversion carried out against occupied Gilgit Baltistan. According to Johary, the Pakistan government and Army have violated human rights in Gilgit Baltistan. Even the Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan was placed under house arrest, causing setbacks in the region’s governance in recent days.

While addressing the rally, the fiery leader referred to Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Rana Sanaullah, as a terrorist. He further asserted that occupied Gilgit Baltistan is capable of forging its own path against a country that lacks law and justice.

Johary dared the Pakistan government and Army, openly saying that the people of Balochistan could consider removing Pakistan’s name from their identity cards.

Following a similar sentiment, another leader from Gilgit Baltistan and the occupied Kashmir Independence movement announced the termination of Gilgit Baltistan’s affiliation with Pakistan. In a video circulated on social media, he declared the creation of a force for Gilgit Baltistan and its ten districts.

The call for Gilgit-Baltistan’s independence from Pakistan is growing stronger with each passing day. The atrocities committed by Pakistan have made life unbearable for the people in the region, leading to an awakening and determination among the people of POGB.

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