Pak-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan: Students of Karakoram International University protest against fee hike

protest in gilgit university
Students protesting at Karakoram International University at night (Photo: News Intervention)

Students of Karakoram International University (KIU) in Gilgit district of Pakistan-Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan staged a fierce protest in front of the university in sub-zero temperatures at night against the increase in university fees.

The protesting students have demanded from the government that due to the increase in fees, there is severe anxiety among the students and to immediately resolve the issue and reduce the fees to meet the demands of the students.

The students are protesting for acceptance of their demands for over a year. They had said that the university administration had been increasing the semester fees against Higher Education Commission (HEC)’s policy.

It is well established fact that Pakistan uses its subversive policies to keep the Kashmiris away from education. The sole purpose for this is to ensure that no individual gets the required education that makes them vocal for their rights. The fee hike when the region is already grappling with the issues of price hike in wheat and other basic amenities.

Similar protests were held in the past also. On October 6, a protest was carried out by blocking the Karakoram International University Road for hours against the indiscriminate and unjustified fee hike. They also raised concern over the mismanagement in the University. Interestingly, the protest, at that time, was supported by the parents also. Not only did the university, but students of schools had also protested against the indiscriminate fee hikes in the past. Notably, Pakistan, which has illegally occupied Gilgit Baltistan for more than 75 years, is making efforts to acquire and exploit the land but does not want to give its reasonable share to the native people who have the right over the resources.

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