Pakistan Army abducts four women in fresh crackdown in Balochistan

Bibi Sakina, Bibi Saeeda and Sajid Baloch (son of Bibi Sakina) have been abducted and
Bibi Sakina, Bibi Saeeda and Sajid Baloch (son of Bibi Sakina) have been abducted and "forcefully disappeared" by the Pakistan Army in Balochistan. Over 40,000 Balochistan nationals have been "forcefully disappeared" by the Pakistan Army .

Pakistan Army has abducted four Baloch women and a boy, who is the son of one of these women during two separate illegal raids in the Awaran district of Balochistan. All women and the boy are now “missing”.

Local residents say that the Pakistan Army personnel attacked a house in Haroni Dunn area of ​​Awaran district on Friday night and arrested the women. They added that these “personnel from Pakistani Army have disappeared the women along with her son”.

These “abducted and disappeared” women have been identified as Bibi Sakina and Bibi Saeeda. Local residents explained that Sajid Baloch, who is the son of Bibi Sakina, was also forcibly abducted on November 25 by Pakistani security forces and has now been “disappeared” along with his mother and one another women.

In a similar and related incidence, Pakistan armed forces attacked Mir Liaqat Sajdi’s house in the Peerandar Zeelag area of ​​Awaran district at midnight on Friday and took two women of his family into illegal custody. These two women have also now “disappeared” with no whereabouts of them available anywhere. The women are Bibi Nazal and Bibi Hameeda, sister of Mir Liaquat Sajidi.

Bibi Nazal and Bibi Hameeda who have been illegally abducted by Pakistan Army in Balochistan

Pakistan Army has been continuing these forced abductions, inhuman disappearances and several other atrocities across Balochistan for the last several decades. Armed forces of the Pakistan Army forcibly enter inside Balochistan homes, misbehave with women and abduct innocent people including women and children at their whim. It’s rather strange that mainstream Pakistani media never reports these crime and illegal abductions. International human rights organisations have also chosen to stay mum over gross human rights violations in Balochistan. Various local reports suggest that Pakistan Army is guilty of abducting and forcefully disappearing around 40,000 Baloch nationals.


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