Pakistan Army abducts two Baloch students, they are now “missing”

Baloch students Nasir and Janzahaib were abducted by the Pakistan Army on Sunday.
Baloch students Nasir and Janzahaib were abducted by the Pakistan Army on Sunday.

Pakistani Army abducted two Baloch students on Sunday from Turbat city of district Kech, occupied Balochistan and took them to an unknown location.

According to details provided by local Baloch residents, two students Nasir  son of Pahlan and Janzahaib son of Rafiq were abducted by the Pakistan Army from Turbat Absar as part of Pakistan’s policy of harassing innocent Baloch people.

As per local Baloch residents, Nasir is a student of Bahauddin Zakaria University in Multan Punjab and Janzahaib studies at Uthal University in Balochistan. Both were arrested without any instigation by the Pakistani army and have now “disappeared”.

This phenomenon of “enforced disappearances” by Pakistani security forces has given birth to the decades-long “Missing Persons” crisis in occupied Balochistan. Around 30,000 innocent Baloch people have went missing at the hands of Pakistani security forces over the last several years. Even as the world is fighting Coronavirus pandemic Pakistan Army has continued its military operations across occupied Balochistan and is fighting innocent Baloch people with sophisticated weaponry and helicopter gunships.


  1. […] Unless these questions are answered and more importantly those responsible for the disappearances are named and punished the scourge of ‘enforced disappearances’ will continue unabated. They will release a couple and disappear a dozen knowing that they can do this with impunity. Moreover, it is downright dishonest to say that the abductors are ‘unknown persons’ for only a state institution which knows it can get away with this brazen illegality, keeps doing it. […]

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