Pakistan Army assassinates senior Sindhi leader Hidayat Lohar

Pak Army kills sindhi leader
Hidayat Lohar (Left)(Photo: X)

Sindhi nationalist and human rights activist Hidayat Lohar was brutally assassinated today in Naseerabad, in what appears to be a targeted attack. Hidayat Lohar, leader of the Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh (VMPS), had previously been a victim of enforced disappearance by the Pakistan Army from April 17, 2017, to July 2019.

The incident unfolded as Lohar was en route to the school where he served as a teacher. Two assailants on a motorcycle ambushed him, firing three fatal shots. The killing is met with widespread condemnation, with concerns raised over the apparent targeting of individuals advocating for human rights and Sindhi nationalism.

Hidayat Lohar’s daughters, Sorath Lohar and Sasai Lohar, both human rights activists and VMPS members, are now left mourning the loss of their father along with a dedication to defend human rights.

Meanwhile, human rights activists and Sindhi nationalists from across Pakistan have decried the assassination, labelling it a “state-sponsored murder.” Accordingly, the incident has reignited a call for unity among Sindhi and Baloch activists against what they perceive as systemic oppression by the Pakistani establishment.

Dr. Mahrang Baloch, a prominent Baloch rights activist, expressed shock and sadness over Lohar’s killing, emphasizing the need for collective action against Pakistani oppression. She called for those responsible for the crime to be held accountable.

The Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM), a Sindhi nationalist organization, has condemned the brutal murder, extending support to Lohar’s family. JSFM has announced a 10-day mourning period to honour Hidayat Lohar’s memory.

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