Pakistan Army-backed death squad abducts teen in Pak-occupied Balochistan

Pakistan Army-backed Death Squads Abducts Teen
Pak Army Abducts Teen (Source: X)

Yet another distressing incident of disappearance occurred in Gwadar. Balach, a teenager and son of Rauf has become the latest victim of enforced disappearance by the Pakistan Army-backed Death Squads. The relentless and ongoing nature of these disappearances highlights the critical need for attention and action to address this serious human rights issue, which affects individuals and families in Pak-occupied Balochistan.

The list of enforced disappearances only continues to grow with Taj Muhammad Sarparah’s family who has staged a sit-in protest in London for the disappearance of Taj and other missing persons, Kabeer Baloch who has been abducted for fifteen years now on March 27, 2009, along with two other BNP employees Attaullah Baloch and Mustaq Baloch, Ghulam Rasool son of Suleiman, Sohail son of Moosa, Uzair son of Mehr Dil and many more.

Since March 27, 1948, the Baloch people have experienced forced disappearance, daily home invasions, kidnappings for ransom, simulated encounters, target killings, and torture. The provinces of Pak-occupied Balochistan, rich in resources, have become a focal point of exploitation, with the Pak Army orchestrating a sinister plan to plunder the region’s wealth.

The world observes the Baloch people’s brave resistance and the cry for justice beyond the confines of Balochistan. This call won’t stop until the voices of the Baloch people are heard and they are released from the oppressive grip of the enemy.

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