Pakistan Army backed terrorists bomb Pashtun girl schools in North Waziristan

Pashtun Girls' School in Hasukhel and Musaqi villages after being bombed by Pakistan Army backed terrorists in North Waziristan. (Photo: News Intervention)

Unidentified terrorists bombed two girl schools in the Mir Ali tehsil of North Waziristan on Sunday night. Local Pashtuns around the schools said these “unidentified people” are actually terrorists who are aided and backed by Pakistan Army to carry out such terrorist activities in Pashtunistan.

“The Government Girls Middle School in Hasukhel and Girls Middle School in Musaqi, North Waziristan were bombed by Paki regime backed terrorists,” said a local Pashtun who lives in the Hasukhel village. Of late, Pashtuns have become quite assertive of their rights which is not liked by the Panjabi Generals of the Pakistan Army and so have created proxies to carry out their dirty job of bombing schools, killing and abducting local Pashtuns in order to make them carry out Rawalpindi’s diktats without questioning.

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