Pakistan Army demolishes Sharada Peeth wall and sets up a coffee home instead

Pak Army demolishes sharada peeth wall
Pakistan Army Coffee Home at Sharada Peeth (Photo: Social Media)

Pakistan is once again engaged in its nefarious activities. The Pakistan Army has forcibly occupied the land and demolished the Sharada Peeth wall in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK). Sharada peeth is the historic religious site. After destroying the outer wall of the temple they also have established a coffee shop there. The Pakistan Army has forcefully taken control of the land of Sharada Peeth. The 73 kanals land of the Sharada Peeth has been reduced to merely 10 kanals as Pakistan Army has occupied the rest of land and is continuing to occupy further land.

Residents along with some civil society members objected to it, but their pleas were disregarded. Instead of removing illegal occupation, the military harassed members of the local civil society.

The Chairman of Save Sharda Committee Kashmir has lambasted Pakistan and spoke on the encroachment. He pointedly stated that the boundary wall has been damaged & stones have been carted away.

He also raised an issue of cross border civilians meeting which Pakistan had denied both on Eid and Diwali. Unfortunately, ISI & selected army families get a clear access to the region.

POJK High Court reaction

In response to a letter, he had written to the POJK high court regarding the demolished Sharada Peeth wall, the HC registrar neglected his grievance of Pakistan Army’s illegitimate control of Sharada Peeth. Through the letter, the puppet Chief Justice of POJK HC advised him to engage with the occupying government of POJK.

Just a day ago, Pakistan authorities demolished a Hindu temple in Sindh and now the Pakistan Army is trying to demolish the sacred Sharda Peeth. No matter who controls the territory and what animosity the controller has harboured for another religion, the controlling army has no right to occupy a religious place. This is a sheer act of violence of religious sentiments.

Since past year the voice for the restoration of Sharda Peeth has been echoing. Hindus across the world are demanding for a corridor akin to the Kartarpur Sahib. And that is why Pakistan is trying to destroy the remains of Sharada Peeth and make the land flat. Pakistan Army that controls the POJK is doing so because it wants to destroy every trace of ancient civilisation.

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