Pakistan Army forcefully abducts Baloch student in broad daylight

Baloch Student's Abduction Sparks Global Outcry
Baloch Student's Abduction (Photo - Social Media)

In a shocking incident that underscores the pervasive issue of enforced disappearances, Fareed Baloch, a student at Punjab University LHR, was violently abducted by the Pakistan Army in plain clothes, right in front of university guards and cameras. The distressing scene unfolded as Fareed, in clear distress, pleaded for help, but no one came to his aid, exposing the harsh reality of the ongoing crisis.

This incident has fueled a passionate response, bringing attention to the longstanding problem of disappearances in the region. Even though the exact numbers are unclear, human rights groups estimate that thousands of Baloch activists and civilians have gone missing due to the actions of the Army.

The ongoing Baloch Long March is a heartfelt call for justice and basic human rights. It resonates with the idea that every community should safeguard the well-being and dignity of its people. However, Fareed’s abduction reveals the brutal challenges faced by the Baloch people, highlighting the Army’s disregard for individual lives and basic human rights.

As the Baloch community persistently fights for justice, there’s a plea to the world to hear the cries of Fareed and others abducted without reason. The pain experienced by Fareed’s family adds to the growing list of victims, emphasizing the urgent need for global attention and action to address the widespread human rights violations in Balochistan.

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