Pakistan Army forcefully abducts Baloch students from Balochistan University

The Pak Army Forcibly Abducts Students at Balochistan University
Baloch Students Abduction (Source: X)

A disturbing video is circulating on social media. The footage shows a large contingent of Pakistan Army personnel deployed at the University of Balochistan. Resembling an Army training center, this battalion can be seen entering the university and abducting Baloch students by force. This incident highlights concerns about the violence of innocent individuals by the Pak Army. The Baloch community has faced oppression since the Pak “establishment” forcefully occupied Balochistan.

Sadly, this is not a lone incident, recently Fareed Baloch, a student at Punjab University LHR, was violently abducted by the Pakistan Army in plain clothes, right in front of university guards and cameras. These incidents have sparked a strong reaction and drawn attention to the area’s long-standing disappearance problem. Human rights organizations estimate that thousands of Baloch activists and civilians have disappeared as a result of the Pak Army’s actions, though exact numbers are still unknown.

These abductions not only violate fundamental human rights but also suppress the academic freedom of these individuals. This dire situation emphasizes how urgently the world needs to pay attention to and intervene on behalf of the Baloch people to look into these actions, protect their rights and ensure safety, and more importantly, hold those responsible accountable for these heinous violations.

The Pakistan Army has been occupying Balochistan with force since March 27, 1948. Baloch people are being targeted and watched over by the Pak Army, and anyone who might pose a question is either killed or kidnapped. It is a heartfelt call for justice for the people of Balochistan and shedding light on the Pak Army’s disregard for basic human rights.

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