Pakistan Army harasses Baloch families in Karachi

baloch families harassed by Pak Army
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Residents of Karachi’s Lyari neighborhood have come forward with troubling complaints against Pakistan Army, accusing them of harassment and intimidation. Bakhtawar Baloch, a resident of the area, recounted a distressing incident on July 20 when, in a first, armed forces conducted a forceful raid at his home.

The forces reportedly confiscated mobile phones and personal belongings, while subjecting Bakhtawar and his family members to disrespectful interrogation.According to Bakhtawar, his family hails from Balochistan, and when their relatives visit, they seek medical treatment and stay at their house.

However, the forces and secret agencies seemed to be aware of these visits, causing further distress by demanding medical reports and scrutinizing their guests.The nightmare continued the following night when the forces raided their home again. Bakhtawar’s younger brother bore the brunt of the aggression, enduring severe violence, and receiving threats of harm. In a chilling turn of events, the forces warned Bakhtawar about a potential suicide attack, raising serious concerns about their safety. They also asked his connection with a women named Mahal, to which Bakhtawar denied of knowing anyone by the name of Mahal and refuted any such visit to his home.

He believes that these accusations are false, fabricated with the intention to instill fear and terrorize their family. Disturbingly, this is not an isolated incident. Baloch residents in Karachi have consistently raised complaints about forces intruding into their homes at night, causing mental anguish and distress. Moreover, reports of forced disappearances have emerged from various majority Baloch areas, further highlighting concerns about human rights violations.Following the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Balochistan has been fighting the war of its freedom from the clutches of Pakistan.

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