Pakistanis kidnap a bride from her marriage in Washuk, Balochistan

Women protest against Pakistan's atrocities in Balochistan. (File Photo)
Women protest against Pakistan's atrocities in Balochistan. (File Photo)

Even in these times when the world is fighting with Coronavirus pandemic, the Pakistani regime continues to terrorize innocent Baloch people. Pakistanis have abducted a bride from Shinger in district Washuk. The hapless bride was kidnapped during her marriage ceremony.

Local sources in Balochistan told News Intervention that Pakistan Army nurtures Death Squads that commits innumerable atrocities on Baloch freedom fighters, pro-independence activists and parties. A couple of days ago, Haji Ghulam Qadir, commander of Pakistan Army-sponsored Death Squad along with his nephew Zain Jan and other associates attacked the marriage ceremony of Ms. Shabana who is the daughter of Abdul, and then forcefully abducted her from the marriage ceremony.

The two cars on which these Death Squad monsters came to kidnap Ms. Shabana had Pakistan’s flag mounted upon them.

Pakistan Army and Pakistani regime continue to commit nefarious crimes against women in occupied Balochistan that includes enforced disappearances, kidnappings, torture, rapes and killing on a daily basis.

Days before the kidnapping of Ms. Shabana from Washuk district, Pakistani regime had arrested nine persons from the Kech district. In fact, Pakistani forces along with its secret agencies raided the Balnigor, Dasht Jathani Bazar areas of Kech district and randomly arrested nine persons.

These nine individuals who were arrested illegally by the Pakistani forces include Rahmat son of Khudadad, Saddam son of Rahmat, Chakar son of Abdul Samad, Abdul Hameed son of Mohammad Issaq, Bakhshi son of Sayad, Jumma son of Ahmed, Niyaz son of Shambey, Rahmdil son of Shahmurad and Muhktiyar son of Khan Mohammad. These nine Baloch individuals have now been “disappeared”.

During these kidnappings the Pakistani forces also looted Baloch houses and tortured women and children.

World’s silence about gross human rights violations by Pakistan in Balochistan has only emboldened the Pakistan Army and its rogue intelligence agency ISI who continue to commit severe atrocities across Balochistan. The number of “missing persons”, “enforced disappearances”, abductions, rapes and murders are increasing every day in Balochistan such that the Pakistani regime is innovating newer ways to terrorize the hapless Baloch people.

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