Pakistan Army registers sedition case against Sindh activists for peaceful protest

paki regime register case on JSFM member
Copy of the sedition case filed by the Paki regime (Photo: Social Media)

The Pakistan Army has registered a case of sedition against Deedar Shabrani, Central Press Secretary of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) for taking out a protest rally on the death anniversary of Sain GM Syed (pronounced Sanyeen) Father of Sindhi Nation in occupied Sindh.In 2017, Deedar was forcibly disappeared for a year by the Army .The Pakistani regime has been responsible for the massacre of Sindhis and promoting terrorist activities across Sindh.They have also been forcibly abducting Sindhis and then subject them to cruelty and harassment.There has been a surge in Sindhi nationalism and independence of Sindhis from the Paki regime under the aegis of JSFM . This however has made Islamabad and Rawalpindi jittery and as a result the Paki regime uses various repressive measures on the Sindhis across occupied Sindh.

Copy of the sedition case filed by the Paki regime

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