Pakistan Army storms police station in Punjab (Pak); tortures station officer

Injured Bahawalnagar Police personnel in Pak Army attack (Photo: News Intervention)

The Bahawalnagar police station in Pakistan’s Punjab witnessed a distressing scene as reports surfaced of a brazen intrusion by 35 to 40 armed personnel from the Pakistan Army. The shocking incident unfolded when the armed soldiers forcibly entered the station, leaving a trail of chaos and violence in their wake.

According to reports, the soldiers, arriving in a convoy of seven to eight vehicles, stormed into the A Division police station. Once inside, they unleashed a wave of aggression, subjecting officers and personnel to degrading treatment and physical assault.

SHO Rizwan Abbas bore the brunt of the attack, facing severe violence at the hands of the intruding Pakistan Army. Additionally, other police officers and personnel were not spared, as they were met with blows from rifle butts and sticks.

Disturbing footage capturing the soldiers’ reprehensible actions circulated widely on social media, drawing widespread condemnation and outrage.

Following the assault, the army personnel proceeded to vandalize government CCTV equipment and confiscated the DVR before departing from the scene to dodge the tracing.

Injured Police officer in Pak Army attack (Photo: X)

After Bahawalnagar, Pak Army storms into hospital

In a subsequent turn of events, the soldiers converged at the District Headquarters Hospital, where they targeted police service center personnel, assaulting them and forcibly taking Dr. Sajid into their custody.

The harrowing incident stemmed from a police raid on the residence of an individual associated with a sensitive agency. The police had, in fact, acted on information suggesting the presence of criminals at the location, prompting the raid that ultimately led to the escalation of tensions between law enforcement and military personnel.

After the visuals of the Bahawalnagar incident went viral, the reaction of Pakistanis flooded the social media. While some condemned the act, majority of people are calling it the ‘Karma.’ People are emphasising how Pakistan Police and Army crushed the civili liberties of common people and that this was bound to happen one day or the another.

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