Pakistan arrests Pak-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan protestors after promising redressal of issues

POGB protest
Protestors in POGB (Photo: Social Media)

After days of the agreement, the occupying government of POGB launched a crackdown on the POGB Awami Action Committee. As many as six members of the AAC have been booked by the Danyor police for allegedly pelting stone over the telecom service provider SCO’s office in Danyor and breaking CCTV cameras. The apprehended protestors of AAC include Hussain Akbar Shah, Gulbaz Golden, Maqsood, Ibrahim and Minhas. The Awami Action Committee has condemned the arrest and termed it as persecution against the peaceful protestors of Pak occupied Gilgit Baltistan (POGB).

Copy of FIR against Awami Action Committee protestors (Photo: X)

Pakistan’s foul play

It is worth mentioning that people across POGB registered an unprecedented protest under the aegis of Awami Action Committee for about two months before a consensus was reached between the occupying government and the AAC. As per the negotiations, wheat subsidy was reinstated, health cards abolition was revoked, and the controversial Finance Act 2023 was withheld. Rest 12 demands of the AAC were under consideration and on the pretext of solving them, the occupying government asked for a grace period of 21 days, to which AAC agreed.

AAC hoped that the occupying government would take concrete steps but they forgot that the occupying government is just a puppet regime controlled from Islamabad. The only motive of the negotiations was to somehow suspend the protest, which is the hitherto biggest protest in the history of POGB. Since day one of the protest Pakistan only tried to diffuse the pressure from the protests happening at every occupied territory, as the general elections were on the verge. And now when the elections are over, it has initiated its policy of igniting the conflict by creating friction.

Simply put, the Awami Action Committee has been deceived in a bad way. The arrest of the protestors makes it clear that Pakistan has no intention of redressal but escalation of the conflict.   

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