Pakistan coast guards baton charge on peaceful protestors of Pak-occupied Balochistan

Pakistan coast guard has blocked the Gwadar route and resorted to violence against the peaceful protest by the local residents
(Photo: Social media)

Recently, the residents of the Naka Khari area of the Hub district of Pak-occupied Balochistan have stated that the Pakistan Coast Guard has blocked the Gwadar route by digging trenches and has resorted to violence against the residents.

The establishment hasn’t provided them with a proper road and they have constructed their paths which are now being forcefully closed by the Pak coast guards.

Reportedly, more than eight protestors were injured due to the baton charging by the Coast Guard during their peaceful protest. The Naka Khari council blocked the main highway in front of the Naka Khari checkpoint in protest against the closure of local routes and violence against the residents by the coast guards.

Incidents like these highlight the plight of the innocent Baloch community who repeatedly face atrocities by the Pak Army since the forcible occupation of Balochistan.

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