Pakistan continues it’s evil gambit to abduct Baloch women & children

Gross Human Rights violations on Baloch women & children in Pakistan. (Photo: News Intervention)

Forced abduction of Baloch women by the Pakistan army, intelligence agencies and its local death squad in Balochistan has raised questions. The silence of Balochistan parliamentary parties, including the international community and human rights agencies in public circles has raised questions like can the forced abduction of Baloch women stop the freedom movement? Although this fear or question is true in its place, it is also interesting to analyse as to what has led the state to immediately initiate forced abduction of Baloch women and young children?

On 12 April 22, when Shari Baloch, regardless of her young children, stumbled upon all her luxurious  and prosperous lives, attacking Chinese teachers at Karachi University only for the freedom of the Baloch nation and Baloch land. This incident  has coerced the state of Pakistan  to think that now the Balochs’ struggle for freedom has come a long way and if the Baloch struggle is not stopped now, then they will never be able to stop.

According to insiders in Pakistan’s security agencies, a policy of forced disappearance of Baloch women has been formulated by the state to end the Baloch National Freedom Movement by misleading the international community. The Baloch independence movement will be presented as a sleeper cell against international law and against women and children. Hence on this basis, the Baloch women have been closely monitored and their activities, including their forced abductions, have been initiated. On the other hand, the present Baloch freedom movement has been moving towards its destination without any closure for the last two decades. Although it has fluctuated, it has seen immense growth rather than a decline in popularity and power. The alliance of all armed organizations and the martyr consignment of the Majeed Brigade have hit the interests of the enemy and his disciples, inflicting heavy damage on them and shouting at them to strengthen their strength.

In the meantime, Pakistan’s state policy makers and security agencies tried all their inhuman and illegal tactics to bring the Baloch National Freedom Movement to a halt. Forcibly abducting thousands of Balochs and keeping them in captivity, killing them in custody, extermination of human populations in the name of military operations, evicting people from their areas, eliminating means of livelihood, abduction of women and children through local death squads for ransom and despite the burning of the village after village, including sexual abuse, and the bloody and naked dance of brutality, they failed to push back the freedom movement by even an inch. Now the State of Pakistan is determined to bury the Baloch National Freedom Movement forever by formulating another heinous and new policy of war crimes in the form of forced abduction of Baloch women but on the other hand, the new policy of the state in Balochistan is being seen to be an impression of fear among the people. Although there is a complete crackdown and media blackout on nationalist politics in Balochistan but when the actions of the forced abduction of the people come to light the people protest on national highways sans any party affiliation. It is also leading to forced release of those forcibly missing by state agencies and security forces due to public pressure which is also considered to be a step forward for the success of freedom, including failure of state institutions and public outrage. Terming the impression of the forced abduction of Baloch women in Pakistan’s state institutions as wrong, Baloch freedom fighters leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that the forced abduction of Baloch women has led the enemy Pakistani army to think that it could harm the Baloch freedom movement but it is wrong.

Today, the way Baloch women, mothers are protesting against the tyrannical army of Pakistan is the period of revolution whose aim is only freedom. Of course,  Pakistan has realized this, so with all its aggression, it has taken the path of collective violence, including the mass genocide of the Baloch people but the courage of the Baloch mothers has tunnelled the occupied state, and this is the call for the independence of Balochistan.

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