Pakistan deports Pashtuns under the garb of Afghan repatriation efforts

Pashtun repatriation by Pakistan
Representative Photo

Pakistan has started deporting the Afghan civilians through Durand line. This happens after months of illegal crackdown and harassment of Afghan civilians living across Pakistan specially Sindh. Amidst this repatriation of Afghan refugees, Pakistan is also reported to have been targeting Pashtuns and deporting them.

Under the garb of repatriating undocumented Afghan civilians, the Pakistan Army and its puppet establishment has continued to harass the Pashtun tribes. It is worth noting that the clashes between TTP and Pakistan Army in Chitral had led to humiliation of Pakistan as they suffered huge losses at the hands of terrorist organisation that they have breaded.

Frustrated by this, Pakistan Army launched an illegal assault over the Afghan civilians who were living in Pakistan since the Taliban takeover of the region.Pakistan gave the deadline of 31st October to all Afghan civilians for their voluntary return and after that they started captivating the Afghan civilians and putting them into detention camps.

This uncalculated and unplanned deportation which is carried out in a hurry has created problems for the Pashtuns living in Pakistan. Accordingly, the Pashtuns are deliberately picked up by the Pakistan Army and deported across durand line.

Recently a video went viral in which Pashtun family was having fierce discussion with the so-called security official, according to which a boy of Pashtun origin and national of Pakistan was forcefully deported to Afghanistan. His family was questioning over the procedures followed with no satisfying reply from the official.

Quoting this, PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen tweeted, “The people of Pakhtunkhwa are also being forcibly deported from Sindh, Punjab to Pakistan. Regarding Pashtun and Baloch, Pakistan has same Bengal formula that they want land not people.”

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