Pakistan hikes electricity tariff in POJK

electricity hike in POKJ
Representative Photo

The Pakistani Army led government has ended the special electricity tariff for Kashmir and has set the price of electricity for Occupied Kashmir. According to the power division, the electricity tariff of Kashmir has been fixed at Rs.16 per unit and the draft of the agreement has been sent to the Kashmir government. It should be noted that the people of Occupied Kashmir have been protesting for expensive electricity and other food items for the past several years, which the Pakistani Army led government has always ended the protest by consoling the local people that their demands would soon be accepted.

The region (Occupied Kashmir) that generates about 13 billion units (worth one trillion 70 billion rupees) of electricity annually receives only 70 crores per year. It should be noted that currently 4900 megawatts of electricity is being generated in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in various projects. The Pak Army led government has abolished the Electricity Department of Kashmir and now it is being handed over to K Electric and thus it is anticipated that the electricity bill of Kashmir will now increase threefold.

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