Pakistan is not irrational adversary

On August 27, 2012 Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists carried out an attack at the Rs 400 crore Wullar Lake rejuvenation project. The rejuvenation work at the Wular Lake stopped after this terror attack.
On August 27, 2012 Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists carried out an attack at the Rs 400 crore Wullar Lake rejuvenation project. The rejuvenation work at the Wular Lake stopped after this terror attack.

It is an abject falsehood that we allow ourselves to be fooled by this description and outright delusion to describe Pakistan as an ‘irrational adversary’. No, it is not irrational, not in the least, and this nomenclature only leaves an escape hatch open for it.

Pakistan is very rational and all its tactical moves, including using terror proxies, a la Pulwama, are very carefully calibrated. Calling it irrational is a trick of false peaceniks who want India to get pounded and bear it, unnecessarily. The cost benefit ratio is calculated mathematically down to the last decimal point and Pakistan sure is a winner every time it goes unpunished.

Can you hear the LOL (Laughing Out Aloud) of the troika of Jehadi, Military and Political classes while falling over one another? One has to be absolutely an ass, the four-legged beast of burden, if one can’t hear this derisive laughter. The burden has to be carried by India all the time.

It is also a falsehood and third rate cowardice to hide behind a phrase like strategic restraint. Retaliation and escalation are twin natural corollaries suppressed in the most unnatural instinctive manner. A display of pathetic analytical skills and getting caught and be deceived by wrong semantics.

Be a sport.

Draw one on one scoreboard.

Mark each hit and miss on individual boards reserved for the adversaries.

Scores on one board must be compared with number of hits MARKED on the other board. Not having own scoreboard is shutting eyes in the manner of a pigeon when cornered by a wild cat.

The cat’s eyes need to be gauged out.

Hot pursuit is a new normal that needs to be a declared policy. The roof under the cat’s paws must be made red hot.

Surgical Strikes and Balakot Air Strikes are two of the visible hits and that should happen every time in the future when an Uri or a Pulwama happens. Remorseless pounding is the only tactic the adversary understands.

Equate deep state with the state. Pakistan government = Pakistan terror proxies. Please read the equation right and develop the right perspective.

Always and every time in any narrative.

Things seem poised for a change.

After Uri, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said: ”Blood and water cannot flow together.” Beyond these words, some action is being taken on the ground level and the water going as waste to Pakistan territories south of Madhopur Headworks and from Ujh will stop. These are waters of the Eastern Rivers as described in the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) which are rightfully Indian shares. We have been profligate with them and allowed them to recharge groundwater in Pakistan Punjab.

Stopping them henceforth and diverting them to help our own farmers in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan is commendable. Simultaneously, it also accentuates the water scarcity that Pakistan Punjab is facing.

No, the scarcity getting worsened by Indian action is not to be blamed on India as these are legitimate shares it owns. Pakistan has been extremely profligate in the utilisation of its water resources. It has a capacity to store waters for 30 days only while India has the capacity to store water for up to 220 days. There are some countries that manage their water resources better and can store water enough for 1,000 days.

There’s one example that can show to us clearly that Pakistan is not irrational. It just suits it fine to be described in this manner.

On August 27, 2012, six HM (Hizbul Mujahideen) terrorists carried out an attack on the Rs 400 crore ongoing Wullar rejuvenation project. Work stopped.

And, in September 2014, the whole of Kashmir drowned. Why? Partially because Wullar had lost its capacity to handle additional water inflows.

So what is the cost benefit ratio for Pakistan?

Calculate the cost to Pakistan.

Calculate the cost to India.

They are laughing out aloud! If you can’t hear them, you are stone deaf.

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